Jewel of the Elves - Book Two of the Kings of Pendar



     “Kyanos old friend how long has it been? What brings you and your elven ship to the west coast of Dulin?” The portly barkeep shouted from behind the bar to the tall elf as the captain swept into the tavern ahead of his crew.
     “Well met Fitz, surprised to see me?” Kyanos replied, straightening his windblown cloak.
     “I have to admit news of the Valero docking arrived well before you did. I’m sure the merchants of Glandore are already lining up on the dock to see what you have in your holds.” Fitz said.
     “They can wait until tomorrow; set my crew up with a round, we’ve been more than two months at sea and they could use some warm ale to chase away the cold.”
     “Some things never change,” Fitz said, laughing as the sailors began jostling for the mugs of ale before he could even top off the first, continuing to fill the mugs until they were all served.
     “Where did the gray hair come from Fitz? How many years has it been?” Kyanos asked.
      “It’s been too many, let’s get back to why you’ve docked your ship in Glandore?” Fitz asked.
      “I’m always looking for new trading partners Fitz, and thought I might take the opportunity to try to find a certain someone from my past.” Kyanos said.
      “By someone you mean a young lady? So you never found her again?” Fitz asked.
      “A marker in the cemetery is all that remains of her. The boy though is a mystery, it would have helped if he had looked like me rather than his mother, a little orphan elf would have been easy to find in this town of men.” Kyanos said.
      “It’s been a few years now, he’d be a young man by now,” Fitz said, stopping to wipe his hands on his towel.Well I don’t need to tell you how difficult it will be.”
      “The realities of the situation are known to me, mistakes were made all around.” Kyanos said.
      “How about the dragon you were chasing when you first came to Glandore all those years ago, did you ever find its lair?” Fitz asked.
      “It seems I’m a better ship’s captain than a tracker, thanks for pointing that out old man,” slapping his hand on the bar in mock anger, “though I believe I may have deserved it,” sliding his empty mug back to Fitz and heading for the door.
      “ Maybe you’ll find him this time. What was his name again?” Fitz asked.
      “My boy’s name is Kurad.” Kyanos replied as he wrapped his cloak about him and stepped out into the windy streets of Glandore.


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